Monday, November 22, 2010

Back from Hiatus

Our friend Tommy over at has completed a new //Tense// video which is definitely worth viewing. EP release available here.

//TENSE// - The Chain [Music Video] from Мишка Bloglin on Vimeo.

Speaking of //Tense//, we recently celebrated The One Year Anniversary of Black Friday with them before they kicked their tour off with Nitzer Ebb. Images from the night can be seen here.

Black Friday is:

Anthony Stanford-Design, DJ
Desirae Embree-Promotions, Event Planning
Ben White-DJ
Fallout Lounge Staff and Establishment for the opportunity to expose people to this music.

We will now be a monthly event as well. Please be on the lookout for upcoming announcements.

That being said, Dallas residents will be able to catch //Tense// tomorrow night at Granada Theater with Nitzer Ebb, and Corporate Park as well. Be there!

I'm sorry about the long absence. My foray into Coldwave, Goth Rock, and the darker side of the 80's has certainly met no end. Here is something to tide all of you over until my next post.

Asmodi Bizarr-Dorian

Monday, July 5, 2010

New Mixtape "The Gift of Tears"

I've recently recorded a new mix for Local paper "The Dallas Observer". The mix itself is representative of a good deal of music we play at Black Fridays, as well being as a showcase of some favorite personal records.


Download: The Gift of Tears

1. No Words-Futile Research
2. The Cure-Cold
3. Sol Invictus-Raven Chorus
4. Ausweis-Phase Fatale
5. Christian Death-The Luxury of Tears
6. Little Nemo-My Eternal Friend
7. Asylum Party-Julia
6. The Glove-Mouth to Mouth
7. Anything Box-Our Dreams
8. Absolute Body Control-Figures
9. Tense-Work Hard Short Life
10. 3 Miles From Here-Until Then
11. The Bridge-Love Dance
12. Danse Society-Danse/Move
13. Neutral Project-Head In The Sky
14. Xeno & Oaklander-The Shot, The Fall
15. Clan of Xymox-A Day(Remix)
16. Sisters of Mercy-Alice
17. Xmal Deutschland-Polarlicht
18. B.F.G.-Amelia
19. Opera De Nuit-Inivitation
20. The Factory-Burn Me Up
21. For Against-Amen Yves

Friday, February 5, 2010

Music With Tears

Passions self-titled album has been a long awaited release for me. There’s been a plethora of new music that reinterprets various movements under the Goth umbrella, but very few acts have so perfectly channeled and built upon the elements of my favorite movements in the 80’s underground as Passions has.

The influences are easy to recognize in Passions’ work. While some may want to bring various industrial acts to light, I feel such parallels don’t truly touch on what this album says to me. One could say there may be elements of Nitzer Ebb or even Cabaret Voltaire in here but the emotion in the music far exceeds the atmosphere surrounding those acts. That’s exactly what Passions says to me, “emotion” in a time where music seems to utterly lack romance and the pleasure of pain.

For many of us, Peter Hook’s bass lines, Ian Curtis’ ballads of lost hope, and Andrew Eldrich’s baritone forewarnings on heart ache drew us into a world of melancholy and angst. Joy Division, The Sisters of Mercy, and New Order; it seems these are where the primary influences in Passions’ work lay. Being that these acts resonate quite strongly for me in terms of sentiment, I couldn’t ask for anything better when rehashing older music to create something new. I digress though, Passions is more than a trip down memory lane. As a long time producer focusing on various genres within the realm of dance music we hear Passions meld modern elements perfectly with that of the old. Dubstep’s atmospheric space and Electro’s movement and distortion all reside in this album, thus making it an easy translation from a pleasurable listen to dance floor burner.

This album lacks little for me, in fact it encapsulates every aspect of what I’ve hoped modern music would become. I implore even the most casual listener to go buy it.

Passions is available for purchase through this myspace account or by email: REDLIGHTS2010@GMAIL.COM.

Download: Passions-Sentiment

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Black Fridays

I've tried to avoid long winded posts on here in hopes that what I'm choosing to share with all of you will simply speak for itself. Regardless, I've felt the need to make brief mention of a night I help curate and also DJ at called "Black Fridays".

Throughout the past couple years I began to let older music dominate my sets. I was letting post-punk and various 80's genres become an integral part of what people would expect from booking me. In all honestly I didn't see much of a fan base for it in Dallas yet, but simply felt the need to play music that spoke more to my person and interests. Notably I made a sacrifice in easy gigs and easy money because of this. Dallas hasn't struck me as city of mature tastes as I've aged. At least it seems that way in a night life that is ever filled by younger listeners who have little interest in what they're listening to. Be that as it may, Sean Humphrey who happens to DJ under the moniker "Redsean" and also performs with the act "Sydney Confirm" had approached me with the idea of taking part in a Goth themed night. I was pleasantly surprised that my direction in current tastes was coming to be appreciated by a broader spectrum of people.

Black Friday is a "Goth" night yes. Goth in the sense that we play almost every form of music that falls under that umbrella term. For me and I think for many, the Goth subculture simply became the look and contingency of people that embraced the ingenious, genuine, and notably underground movements of the 80's. Modern Industrial is not "Goth" to me nor is Marilyn Manson or White Zombie. I've never even felt the need to make that distinction nor will you ever hear me play it. I think it's safe to say that the collective DJ's in our night all share an appreciation and same outlook on the sometimes criminally overlooked sounds of the 80's underground. Whether that be classified as post punk, synthpop, darkwave, coldwave, ebm, goth rock etc.

So in short, Goth night yes. Goth as you've come to expect it, hopefully not.

For those of you that have become fans of the night, I and all the Black Friday DJ's thank you for your support.

Black Fridays is:

Anthony Social
Young Adult Fiction
Keith P

Black Fridays is on twitter so please follow us at and if you're on Facebook join our fan page for updates!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Words

Allow me to indulge in my neo-classical appreciation for a bit. The song below is taken off a compilation simply titled "Unreleased". While this is Vol. III in the series, every one to seems to showcase music from various French Coldwave acts. This beautiful little number spans the gap between the rising popularity of neo-classical at this point and the definitive Coldwave elements I seem to just never grow tired of. The juxtaposition between what sounds like a romantic era piano piece and Cure-esque strings is just lovely.

No Words-Futile Research

Monday, January 11, 2010

Death of A Disco Dancer

I'm making mention of a new band on Dead and Re-Buried today. O Children are reminiscent of Nick Cave himself(chiefed their band name from one of his song titles) as well as a variety of other post punk acts. This is a fucking breath of fresh air considering it's so current and so pop.

O Childrean-Dead Disco Dancer

Love Will Tear Us Apart

The Cure-Love Will Tear Us Apart

Joy Division-Love Will Tear Us Apart(Peel Session)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And Also The Trees

Taken From Wikipedia:

"And Also The Trees are a rock band formed in 1979 in the United Kingdom. They are most notable for their poetic lyrics and evocative music which is strongly influenced by their native English countryside......

A home demo tape was sent to The Cure which led to a friendship between the two bands. In 1981 And Also The Trees played several shows in support of The Cure's UK tour. Their second demo tape From Under the Hill (1982) was partly co-produced with Robert Smith and Mike Hedges.
Their first two single releases ("Shantell" and "The Secret Sea") and their debut album, simply called And Also The Trees, were produced by The Cure's Lol Tolhurst and released in 1983. The debut album reflected the tentative post-punk influences.[citation needed] They got the attention of John Peel and were invited to do a session on April 7, 1984 produced by Dale Griffin for broadcast on April 24.
After a second tour with The Cure in 1984, they severed their musical relationship and developed their own sound."

And Also The Trees-Belief In The Rose

And Also The Trees-The Harp

And Also The Trees-From The Silver Frost

And Also The Trees-This Ship In Trouble

And Also The Trees-Virus Meadow