Monday, July 5, 2010

New Mixtape "The Gift of Tears"

I've recently recorded a new mix for Local paper "The Dallas Observer". The mix itself is representative of a good deal of music we play at Black Fridays, as well being as a showcase of some favorite personal records.


Download: The Gift of Tears

1. No Words-Futile Research
2. The Cure-Cold
3. Sol Invictus-Raven Chorus
4. Ausweis-Phase Fatale
5. Christian Death-The Luxury of Tears
6. Little Nemo-My Eternal Friend
7. Asylum Party-Julia
6. The Glove-Mouth to Mouth
7. Anything Box-Our Dreams
8. Absolute Body Control-Figures
9. Tense-Work Hard Short Life
10. 3 Miles From Here-Until Then
11. The Bridge-Love Dance
12. Danse Society-Danse/Move
13. Neutral Project-Head In The Sky
14. Xeno & Oaklander-The Shot, The Fall
15. Clan of Xymox-A Day(Remix)
16. Sisters of Mercy-Alice
17. Xmal Deutschland-Polarlicht
18. B.F.G.-Amelia
19. Opera De Nuit-Inivitation
20. The Factory-Burn Me Up
21. For Against-Amen Yves