Sunday, November 15, 2009


Another one from Sad Lovers and Giants. Acoustic+Synth kinda kills me.

Download: Sad Lovers and Giants-Restless

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grief, Anguish, Personal Conflict

I'm leaving all of you with a few of my most emotionally appealing records of late. While the lyrical content may or may not be personally relevant, the beauty and melancholy in these few pieces of music certainly is.

First are two somewhat sad but passionate records by the psychedelic influenced post-punk act "Sad Lovers and Giants"(whose whole catalog I recommend).

Download: Sad Lovers and Giants-Your Skin and Mine

Download: Sad Lovers and Giants-Things We Never Did

The next is a piece by goth/dreampop all-star act "This Mortal Coil". A good number of people recorded under the name but this is essentially a Cocteau Twins record. All be it a cover of an earlier Modern English record, who happens to be one of my favorite post punk acts of all time.

Download: This Mortal Coil-Sixteen Days/Gathering Dust

Download: This Mortal Coil-Sixteen Days(Reprise)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Wake

This act has consisted of a large part of my recent listening. This will resonate quite heavily with New Order and Joy Division fans. Considering they were a Factory act, little else needs to be said.

Read more about "The Wake"

Their first 2 albums are highly recommended. I'm leaving you guys with two downloads. One very akin to their Joy Division/New Order vibe and something far different that leans more towards Goth rock.(think Sisters of Mercy or Red Lorry Yellow Lorry)

Download The Wake-Old Men

Download The Wake-Nazarene

P.S. I had a Halloween mixtape floating around. Here it is for those of you that missed it!

Download Danse Macabre Pt. 2: The Halloween Mix

1.Siouxsie and The Banshees-Halloween
2.Twisted Nerve-Medusa
3.Clair Obscur-Toundra
4.Skeletal Family-She Cries Alone
5.Xmal Deutschland-Qual(12" Rmx)
6.Bauhaus-Bela Lugosi's Dead
8.Alien Sex Fiend-Dead and Re-Buried
9.A Place to Bury Strangers-To Fix The Gash In Your Head
10.Red Lorry Yellow Lorry-Spinning Round-(12" Crash Mix)
11.The Comateens-Munsters Theme
12.Ministry-I'm Falling(1980 Alternate Mix)
13.Neon-Information of Death
14.Opera De Nuit-L'appel Du Froid
15.45 Grave-Evil
16.The Horrors-Jack The Ripper