Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lace, Ruffles, High Collars

I've been delving into the idea of putting a Victorian inspired outfit together. Its been a bit of a hard undertaking considering I can't really try these pieces on. British fashion definitely still has enough Victorian and Edwardian influences left to make it something that won't be relegated to just costume.

Here are some items I've been looking at though:

The shirts haven't been too hard to come by. Considering a tux is essentially a remnant of that era I've been looking through thrift stores to find a good accompanying jacket. Something with tails preferably.

I highly recommend watching just about any Tim Burton film(Sleepy Hollow being one of the best), Interview with the Vampire, and reading Neil Gaiman's Lucifer series for good visualization of how these outfits actually looked on people.

In the meantime I've purchased this to make due for a bit of a simpler outfit. I've been frantically searching for a "gothy" bolo tie after seeing this Bauhaus photo.

Oh and Happy Birthday Siouxsie Sioux!
I've been putting off the prospect of starting a personal blog for a long time. As I find inspiration all the time I wanted a proper place to share it with those who share my interests or are somehow drawn to my dysfunctional taste. 

Welcome to Dead and Re-Buried.