Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Black Fridays

I've tried to avoid long winded posts on here in hopes that what I'm choosing to share with all of you will simply speak for itself. Regardless, I've felt the need to make brief mention of a night I help curate and also DJ at called "Black Fridays".

Throughout the past couple years I began to let older music dominate my sets. I was letting post-punk and various 80's genres become an integral part of what people would expect from booking me. In all honestly I didn't see much of a fan base for it in Dallas yet, but simply felt the need to play music that spoke more to my person and interests. Notably I made a sacrifice in easy gigs and easy money because of this. Dallas hasn't struck me as city of mature tastes as I've aged. At least it seems that way in a night life that is ever filled by younger listeners who have little interest in what they're listening to. Be that as it may, Sean Humphrey who happens to DJ under the moniker "Redsean" and also performs with the act "Sydney Confirm" had approached me with the idea of taking part in a Goth themed night. I was pleasantly surprised that my direction in current tastes was coming to be appreciated by a broader spectrum of people.

Black Friday is a "Goth" night yes. Goth in the sense that we play almost every form of music that falls under that umbrella term. For me and I think for many, the Goth subculture simply became the look and contingency of people that embraced the ingenious, genuine, and notably underground movements of the 80's. Modern Industrial is not "Goth" to me nor is Marilyn Manson or White Zombie. I've never even felt the need to make that distinction nor will you ever hear me play it. I think it's safe to say that the collective DJ's in our night all share an appreciation and same outlook on the sometimes criminally overlooked sounds of the 80's underground. Whether that be classified as post punk, synthpop, darkwave, coldwave, ebm, goth rock etc.

So in short, Goth night yes. Goth as you've come to expect it, hopefully not.

For those of you that have become fans of the night, I and all the Black Friday DJ's thank you for your support.

Black Fridays is:

Anthony Social
Young Adult Fiction
Keith P

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