Friday, July 17, 2009

Current Inspiration and Trappings

I've been keeping a lot of early Dead Can Dance in rotation lately. If you start with their self titled first album(which I recommend) you'll most likely be able to catch onto the influences and trappings of Joy Division influenced post-punk. I digress though, Dead Can Dance far exceeds the limitations of Peter Hook and co. You'll find neo-classical/neo-folk elements thrown in with banshee like wailing that could be fueled by nothing but emotional anguish.

This Lina Osterman Fall 09 collection is perfect. I've been doing the shredded shirt thing for a bit and they've remained essential pieces to my wardrobe. I'll tend to accompany mine with a leather harness or jacket.

The rest of this editorial is fantastic. Batcave or oldschool goth is channeled perfectly. I've been seeing a lot of this in the fashion world and I'm more than happy with it. Goth's early years remains one of my favorite periods for fashion and music(if you couldn't tell already).

30 Days of Night is a fantastic horror comic read. Never mind the movie if you've seen it, the actual comics themselves portray the intense violence and bleak atmosphere surrounding the stories far better. One installment entitled "Red Snow" stands out as a fun read for people fascinated by Nazis and Communists. Imagine bloodsucking comrades and barbaric, genocidal SS commanders.

I was interviewed about skinny jeans for the Wall Street Journal while in NY as well. The video is pretty fucking hilarious. I have the Siouxsie tee on obviously:

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