Friday, June 26, 2009

leave of absence

So I've been on an very extended vacation in New York catching up with friends and hunting for fellow creatures who share a general distain for sunlight and color. Apologies that the blog hasn't been kicking into full gear but I'll leave you all with some random links and musings.

My first real outing in New York that encompassed some freak spotting and friend making(as well as reminders of my sexual orientation) took place at:

New York goths seem to have a bit more taste in regards to their music and attire if you know what I mean. Highly recommended if you'd like a foray into early Industrial and EBM. Think Ministry's album "Twitch" and quite obscure stuff. You'll see a mixture in ages and demographics at this place. It's quite refreshing.

Also bringing to mind that if you are in the New York area I'll be playing an industrial and goth set this sunday in Brooklyn.

I will always love New York's honoring of the old world. Gothic cathedrals still pierce the sky like mighty reminders of the Christian god's giant phallus.

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