Friday, August 14, 2009

Body to Body

First off I have to credit Tommyboy for having the first blog to pick up on this act. Secondly, Tommy holds a lot of talent and you can credit him for the visual genius in the above video.

Tense is a Texas act hailing out of Houston. Yes, I was surprised too because these guys are churning out some amazing EBM(Electronic Body Music) or what most of you would know as Industrial. Think early Ministry or A Split Second. The drums, synths, and vocal stylings harken back to a much colder age of early to mid 80's club music. This was the "Goth" of Kraftwerk fans and those prone to the brutal dances and rhythms of what seems like music encased in steel. That being said, you will find subtle hints of romanticism in such music or what seems like some slight remnant of 80's New-Wave.

Audio is available for download on Tommyboy's blog and here.

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