Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First in a series of new mixtapes(Neo-Folk/Folk, Pagan, Gothic, Metal, Noise)

Werther Effect

1.Of The Wand and The Moon-Ganthr
2.Nature and Organisation-A Dozen Winters of Loneliness
3.Venus In Furs-Fallen Statues
4.Death In June-Fall Apart
6.In Gowan Ring-Wind That Cracks The Leaves
7.Jackson C Frank-Milk and Honey
8.Peter Paul and Mary-Three Ravens
9.And Also The Trees-Virus Meadow
10.Yann Tiersen-La Dispute
11.Death In June-A Nausea
12.Down In June-Rose Clouds of Holocaust
13.Somewhere In Europe-Never Go Back
14.The Hare and The Moon-The Unquiet Grave
16.Coil-Solar Lodge
17.Cindytalk-The Beginning of Wisdom
18.Death In June and Boyd Rice-Get Used to Saying No

Monday, November 22, 2010

Back from Hiatus

Our friend Tommy over at has completed a new //Tense// video which is definitely worth viewing. EP release available here.

//TENSE// - The Chain [Music Video] from Мишка Bloglin on Vimeo.

Speaking of //Tense//, we recently celebrated The One Year Anniversary of Black Friday with them before they kicked their tour off with Nitzer Ebb. Images from the night can be seen here.

Black Friday is:

Anthony Stanford-Design, DJ
Desirae Embree-Promotions, Event Planning
Ben White-DJ
Fallout Lounge Staff and Establishment for the opportunity to expose people to this music.

We will now be a monthly event as well. Please be on the lookout for upcoming announcements.

That being said, Dallas residents will be able to catch //Tense// tomorrow night at Granada Theater with Nitzer Ebb, and Corporate Park as well. Be there!

I'm sorry about the long absence. My foray into Coldwave, Goth Rock, and the darker side of the 80's has certainly met no end. Here is something to tide all of you over until my next post.

Asmodi Bizarr-Dorian

Monday, July 5, 2010

New Mixtape "The Gift of Tears"

I've recently recorded a new mix for Local paper "The Dallas Observer". The mix itself is representative of a good deal of music we play at Black Fridays, as well being as a showcase of some favorite personal records.


Download: The Gift of Tears

1. No Words-Futile Research
2. The Cure-Cold
3. Sol Invictus-Raven Chorus
4. Ausweis-Phase Fatale
5. Christian Death-The Luxury of Tears
6. Little Nemo-My Eternal Friend
7. Asylum Party-Julia
6. The Glove-Mouth to Mouth
7. Anything Box-Our Dreams
8. Absolute Body Control-Figures
9. Tense-Work Hard Short Life
10. 3 Miles From Here-Until Then
11. The Bridge-Love Dance
12. Danse Society-Danse/Move
13. Neutral Project-Head In The Sky
14. Xeno & Oaklander-The Shot, The Fall
15. Clan of Xymox-A Day(Remix)
16. Sisters of Mercy-Alice
17. Xmal Deutschland-Polarlicht
18. B.F.G.-Amelia
19. Opera De Nuit-Inivitation
20. The Factory-Burn Me Up
21. For Against-Amen Yves